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Maximum safety with minimal format.

Maximum safety with minimal format.

Schonach – Electricians in particular must face a wide variety of applications with at times highly difficult working conditions. VDE tools used in such environments must not only be rugged and flexible, but must also satisfy the highest demands in terms of quality and safety. A further commonly occurring problem for VDE fastening tools is limited access to low-lying fastening elements and narrow apertures. The VDE safety insulation of screwdrivers often obstructs and prevents optimal access to fastening elements. The normal solution in practice is to compromise on safety, whether this means the use of non-insulated tools or perhaps even a shortening of the blade insulation.

Blades up to 33% slimmer for maximum accessWith slimTECHNOLOGY by Wiha, the company from the Black Forest region of Germany presents a completely VDE-tested solution for fastening tools. Ingeniously simple: insulation that often poses a hindrance has been integrated into the through-hardened blades, thus creating maximum access to the fastening elements. In this way the slim blades achieve a reduction of total diameter of 11% to a maximum of 33% in the critical working area according to output size.
This means that the slim blades from Wiha are extremely narrow but are still characterised by a high performance that surpass stipulations for VDE torque several times over, and simply get the job done. The advantage for electricians: GS and VDE-tested safety with proven Wiha quality for fastening positions that were until now annoyingly inaccessible.
In addition to the existing VDE-tested SoftFinish® electric assortment, Wiha also offers a wide range of various outputs for three different slim systems in the new catalogue: slimFix, slimVario and slimTorque.
With slimVario Wiha offers a flexible VDE screwdriver system consisting of a handle and VDE premium bits. As well as the individual components, the assortment is rounded off with three carefully selected sets, each containing six bits. The hand-held screwdriver is equipped with a metal locking mechanism. Unlike conventional VDE exchange blade systems, the Wiha slimVario consists of an exchange system for 90 mm long, through-hardened and insulated premium VDE bits.
A compact format: 35% lighter than comparable sets
Whether for outside or indoors, on ladders, scaffolding or in tight working environments. The Wiha SoftFinish® electric slimVario is a compact lightweight predestined for mobile applications in combination with the VDE exchange bits developed by Wiha. Six tools that take up the room of one handle.
The Wiha SoftFinish® electric slimVario sets new standards in terms of quality, safety, flexibility and ruggedness. The precisely manufactured metal parts of the proven ClicFix locking mechanism ensure permanent, safe locking of the VDE bits and allow users to change bits quickly and conveniently. The free-running sleeve allows simultaneous holding and fastening, thus enabling precise screwdriver guidance. Despite its compact geometry, the Wiha SoftFinish® electric slimVario system in terms of safety is a real force to be reckoned with. The range features one-off testing in a water bath at 10,000 V, complete VDE certification and is designated with the GS mark. The system fulfills all stipulations of the international IEC 60900:2004 standard and is approved for work in the area of live parts up to 1,000 V AC.
With the introduction of slimTECHNOLOGY, Wiha underlines its VDE expertise and also presents an innovation for VDE fastening tools that offers all electricians increased safety levels and real user benefits.

Wiha is one of the leading manufacturers in the world for hand tools for professional use in trade and industry, with headquarters in Schonach in the Black Forest, Germany. For the past 70 years the name of Wiha has stood for innovative tools of the highest quality with screwdrivers, torque tools, L-keys, bits, soft-head hammers, pliers, measuring tools and articulated hoses. A host of awards underline the setting of standards in terms of functionality and design. Currently over 650 employees manufacture and market more than 3,500 premium tools.

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