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The world premiere iTorque – The intelligent torque screwdriver

Schonach – intelligent, innovative and individual: These qualities define the iTorque from Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH. With this world first, the long-established family company located in Schonach has proven that it has secured a place among the leading tool specialists. This is due to the fact that the sophisticated mechatronics, high level of operating comfort and precise release accuracy which the iTorque unites in just one torque screwdriver are unique.

i as in intelligent
Its innovative mechatronics make the iTorque an intelligent partner. The release accuracy (±6%) provides high precision. A further highlight is the intelligently integrated counter function which records all applications and shows their actual number. In conjunction with the individually adjustable alarm function, testing equipment monitoring is now easier and more individual than ever before. In practice this means that the calibration interval for each iTorque is user-specific, application-specific and matched to an ideal number of applications. 100% safety.

i as in innovative
The iTorque can be operated incredibly simply, intuitively and efficiently: the required value on the display is rapidly set with the setting wheel at the handle end, completely without additional tools.
The digital display impresses with its clarity. No more reading errors, but simple, individual setting options. Especially practical: With a short click the various units can be switched over according to needs (e.g. Nm ↔ in.lb) The convenient equipment of the Wiha iTorque is typically professional. The high quality plastic metal compound handle and ideally distributed soft zones ensure that the iTorque fits the hand comfortably and safely.

i as in individual – testing equipment labelling
In addition to its ingenious function, there is a focus on the iTorque's individuality.
Thanks to Wiha Service, each iTorque becomes a piece of professionally marked testing equipment or a personalised tool. In this way, every customer can design iTorques to become customised individual pieces/testing equipment using permanent lasering. Fast and easy support is available for customers at the Wiha online portal (mytorque.wiha.com). The user can perform the desired individualisation quickly and easily here. The desired product can be ordered from retailers by means of the automatically generated order slip.

Wiha Services – Completely carefree
In order to be able to ensure the precision of the Wiha torque assortment throughout the entire service life, various calibration services are available for customers. This service ranges from thorough inbound testing including an estimate up to complete overhaul – product and professional service from a single source. Does the iTorque need to be recalibrated? Wiha Service offers fast reliable support for that, too. All Wiha services can be selected in the online portal. The advantage for customers is the maximization of service life and 100% operating safety throughout the entire iTorque service life.

For more quality and safety
The iTorque sets new standards in many ways. The innovative mechatronics open up new possibilities for operation and application. The user can also depend on the typically high level of convenience and precision of the Wiha premium tools.
The new Wiha Services completes the comprehensive service offer.

Summary: The new iTorque will soon become indispensable.