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Wiha ProStar Stubby L-key convinces with maximum access and finger-saving work

Wiha ProStar Stubby L-key convinces with maximum access and finger-saving work

Schonach – It is indisputable that Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH is among the leading manufacturers of innovative and aesthetic tools. With the Wiha ProStar Stubby L-key, the company is rolling out a new tool designed for use with hard-to-reach screwed connections in tight working spaces. The advantages for the operator: The key geometry developed by Wiha offers maximum access and a ‘knuckle-saving’ increase of the hand working space of more than 30 percent. In addition, with the practical sliding function of the Wiha ProStar holder, the L-keys can be removed quickly and simply with just one hand.

Over 30% more working space – that spares fingers and knuckles
“Significantly reducing the risk of injury to knuckles and fingertips was the goal of the development,” explains Christian Hilbert, Product Manager at Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH. "Finding the optimum key geometry was a further challenge. We were looking for a solution for maximum power transmission, especially in very tight working spaces.” Both objectives were achieved by changing the bending angle from 90° to 95°. The result: an increase of the hand working space of at least 30% when using the key. Tests have shown that angles larger than 95° are a significant detriment to accessibility. “Access was the most important factor for operators, and for this reason, we purposefully chose this angle.”

Expansion of the range of application of up to 15%
Especially in machine engineering and maintenance, hard-to-reach, low-lying fastening elements are a part of the daily routine. Often, several millimetres are decisive in whether a fastening can be reached ‘comfortably’ or only with time-consuming, cumbersome work. Compared to standard L-keys, the Wiha Stubby L-key is equipped with a narrower bend radius, which results in a considerable reduction of the key height on the shortened side. “Of course, the new Stubby key still has an optimum penetration depth in the screws,” reports Hilbert. “The functional surface has not been shortened.” The advantage to the operator: An expansion of the range of application by up to 15 percent compared to other shortened L-keys – even the tightest screw areas can be reached comfortably with the Wiha key.

The aligned ball end geometry enables fastening at an angle of up to 25°. In order to be equipped for many ranges of application, Wiha offers the ProStar Stubby in nine different sizes. The lasered marking ensures a simple and permanent overview. All L-keys are made of high-quality chrome-vanadium steel, are through-hardened and chrome-plated.

Maximum comfort and simple removal – The ProStar holder
The new L-keys are delivered in the Wiha ProStar holder, which has proven itself a thousand times over. For years, operators have valued its compact format and clever opening mechanism which can be activated with one hand. Using a sliding function, all L-keys are ready for convenient removal without having the complication of moving the individual keys. An additional valued advantage is the impact resistant and cadmium-free plastic which guarantees a long service life. The colour system provides a better overview of the three configuration varieties: red stands for a set of nine metric sizes, yellow for 13 inch diameters and green for 13 TORX® keys.

Wiha is one of the leading manufacturers in the world for hand tools for professional use in trade and industry, with the headquarter in Schonach in the Black Forest, Germany. For the past 70 years the name of Wiha has stood for innovative tools of the highest quality in the sectors of screwdrivers, torque tools, L-keys, bits, soft-head hammers, pliers, measuring tools and articulated hoses. A host of awards underline the setting of standards in terms of functionality and design. Currently over 650 employees manufacture and market more than 3,500 premium tools.

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