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Wiha slimFamily contiues to grow

Schonach – In 2010, Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH surprised the public at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne with a highly innovative solution: slimTECHNOLOGY. Now, Wiha has expanded the slimFamily with slimTorque, once again proving the company's innovational strength and expertise in the VDE sector. This VDE-tested torque range complies with all requirements stipulated for working on live parts. Improved accessibility and increased safety are just some of the advantages.

As the only supplier on the market for such solutions, with the new slimTorque Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH offers a completely VDE-tested torque range especially designed for work near live parts. Unlike conventional exchange blade systems, the Wiha solution consists of a VDE exchange blade system for 90 mm long, through-hardened and insulated premium VDE slimBits. The system based on slimTECHNOLOGY is highly flexible and contains a VDE torque handle, a VDE bit holder and a wide range of premium VDE bits.

As part of the standard set, the VDE bit holder is equipped with a high-quality metal locking mechanism. For safety reasons, the metal connectors are completely separated from each other.

Tried-and-proven handle size concept and torque experience

The handles of the new VDE torque family are based upon the tried-and-proven Wiha handle size concept that has set standards for years in terms of surface feel and ergonomics.

The integrated scale of the high quality slimTorque handle ensures controlled, safe tightening. A clearly audible click that can also be felt tells the user when the desired torque value is reached, thus avoiding potential damage.

Maximum safety for users

The new slimTorque assortment from Wiha can't be beaten in terms of safety either. The system fulfills all stipulations of the international IEC 60900:2004 standard and is approved for work near live parts up to 1,000 V AC. Each of the three components (handle, bits, bit holder) has been individually tested in a water bath at 10,000 volts, has complete VDE certification and is designated with the GS mark.

The 90mm long, through-hardened Premium slimBits feature Wiha slimTECHNOLOGY. Ingeniously simple: insulation that often poses a hindrance has been completely integrated into the premium bits, as with the standard Wiha VDE screwdriver blades (slimFix). In this way, the completely insulated slimBits achieve a reduction of total diameter of 11% to a maximum of 33% in the critical working area depending on output size. The advantage to users: maximum access coupled with maximum safety.

The Wiha slim family philosophy – Safe, handy and compact!

In terms of VDE expertise and strength of innovation, Wiha sets new standards with a universal 90mm Premium VDE- and GS-tested slimBit system. The hit: The completely insulated VDE slimBits can be used both for the slimTorque VDE torque range and for the standard slimVario VDE exchange bit system. "In this way users get a cost-saving, flexible set of premium VDE slimBits that depending on the handle can be used both for torque applications and standard fastening work," explains Matthias Schmidt, Product Manager at Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH. "With maintenance work and mobile applications, the weight and flexibility of tools is particularly important. With the slim family philosophy, Wiha offers electricians a compact, completely GS and VDE tested set of two handles and a set of VDE bits for carrying out all fastening work according to manufacturer stipulations".

Slim selection set – and further sets for everyone!

As a further highlight, Wiha offers customers an attractively priced starter pack that combines the slimTorque range and the slimVario system in a universal, highly flexible toolset. Users already working with one of these systems can of course effortlessly upgrade or retrofit the system.

Wiha thus now offers as part of the existing standard VDE range a wide assortment of various outputs in the new catalogue for: slimFix, slimVario and slimTorque. The slimBits are offered in a six-pack set with various outputs.

With Wiha, claims such as quality, premium and functionality are not just empty words but the reality, a fact underlined by a host of national and international certifications and awards. slimFix and slimVario were recently distinguished with the iF product design award 2011.

Summary: slim – the compact safety solution for all fastening jobs!

About the company:

Wiha is one of the leading manufacturers in the world for hand tools for professional use in trade and industry, with headquarters in Schonach in the Black Forest, Germany. For the past 70 years the name of Wiha has stood for innovative tools of the highest quality with screwdrivers, torque tools, L-keys, bits, soft-head hammers, pliers, measuring tools and articulated hoses. A host of awards underline the setting of standards in terms of functionality and design. Currently over 650 employees manufacture and market more than 3,500 premium tools.

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