Individualisation made easy: Wiha offers a world-premiere individual piece with iTorque

Schonach – With its iTorque torque screwdriver, Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH is presenting an absolute world premiere with three decisive arguments: it's intelligent, innovative and individual. The unique mechatronics and the easy intuitive operation are only two of the iTorque's outstanding properties. Another innovation is that the Wiha "iTorque", "TorqueVario-S®", and "TorqueFix" torque assortments can be adapted to the respective application and/or users both visually and technically. Because of this, Wiha achieves a new dimension of customer service, flexibility and individuality with its torque assortment. With the new Wiha service offer, handling and testing equipment monitoring are now easier than ever before. Users and QA departments can already look forward to their "customised" individual piece.

Permanent marking – Testing equipment labelling required
Any QA representative or user knows only too well how fast testing equipment marking can detach from the torque screwdriver. This comes to an end with the professional, permanent lasering from Wiha. "Marking testing equipment is required in accordance with DIN ISO 9001, and it must be permanently applied to the product. Because of our new individualisation service, each tool is a customized individual piece," says Christian Hilbert, Product Manager at Wiha. The torque screwdrivers offer customers the option of applying individual marking. In this way, there is enough room for the testing equipment number or workplace identification. The iTorque offers even more. In addition to two marking fields, it features an additional graphics field, e.g. for QR codes or QA testing marks.

Whether for testing equipment labelling or periodic marking of Wiha torque screwdrivers: Wiha offers perfect service. Fast and easy support is available for customers at the Wiha online portal ( The user can perform the desired individualisation quickly and easily here. The desired product can be ordered from retailers by means of the automatically generated order slip.

Safety due to the individual calibration alarm
The standard recommends testing torque tools after 5,000 applications. With safetyrelated fastening processes or intensive use of torque tools, shorter maintenance intervals are recommended. In the past, the user had to estimate or count the number of fastening processes, which is difficult to implement correctly in practice. With iTorque, annoying counting is a thing of the past. This is because Wiha developed a calibration alarm cycle specifically for the iTorque family with automated reminders. The iTorque records each "click" using the integrated counter. When the number of uses which was defined by the user while ordering is reached, an alarm is triggered which reminds the user that calibration is due. This cycle ensures 100% process safety.

This and other personal and technical individualisation options such as "torque units" or specific torque values can be specified by customers at the new Wiha portal "1:1 customised production" – With it, Wiha sets new standards in the torque industry.

Intelligent – innovative – individual
Industry insiders have long known that Wiha is always good for surprises. However, the iTorque from the tool specialist from the Black Forest sets new technological and service standards in the torque world. "For Wiha it is particularly important to develop our products as practically as possible. Cooperating with users is crucial here," explains Christian Hilbert, Product Manager at Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH. Especially in the torque tool industry, Wiha is considered an expert because of its many years of experience. The iTorque is the ultimate proof.
In a nutshell: iTorque proves that technology can also be specifically adjusted to user requirements. The iTorque is a special individual piece because of its individually markable text and graphics fields. This makes it an essential milestone in the field of torque tools – worldwide.

CONCLUSION: Wiha confidently sets new technical, functional and design standards with its iTorque and new individualisation service. The distinct feature is the comprehensive range of services for the unique torque screwdrivers which is already convincing users. Via the online portal ( testing equipment labelling and customised marking of the iTorque can be carried out quickly and easily. Customers can obtain customised tools with just a few clicks – of course in superior Wiha quality.

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