Wiha offers new tool cases for electricians

Schonach, Germany, September 2015 — Having the right tool quickly to hand is essential
for working efficiently. However tools in tool cases are often difficult to obtain or simply
aren’t available as they lack sufficient storage space. With its new Electrician´s
Competence XL and XXL tool cases, Wiha is offering completely equipped case systems
to electricians which provide a particularly large amount of storage space and wellthought-
out functions.

The tool inlays of the 80-part Electrician´s Competence XL case and the 115-part Electrician´s
Competence XXL case varieties are designed with efficient working in mind, in such a way that all
tools are quickly and easily accessible. This is achieved through a wallet form arrangement of the
individual inlays with generously arranged spacing. Therefore, the electrician can reach
comfortably into the individual areas and quickly remove and return the correct tool.

Due to the comprehensive tool assortment, electricians have the appropriate tool available for
every application, such as the LiftUp electric magazine bit holder, fully insulated screwdrivers
from the Wiha Slim family or the TriCut insulation pliers. In addition, the large storage space of
the two tool cases provides a lot of spare space for additional small parts and gadgets. The
robust polypropylene plastic cases are also equipped with gas-filled shock absorbers which hold
the cover in various positions and prevent it falling automatically. Work accidents such as pinched
fingers, are thus prevented. The XL case is supplied with a carrying strap for easier transport.
The heavier XXL case, in contrast, can be pulled comfortably like a wheeled suitcase.

Wiha is also publishing a new VDE brochure to support our retail trade, parallel to the market
introduction of the tool cases. The brochure contains comprehensive information on the Wiha
VDE product range, and will assist dealers in being able to better advise on the products. The
brochures will be distributed by Wiha to the dealers, and are also available for download. Wiha
will also make additional comprehensive POS materials available to tool distributors.

The Electrician´s Competence XL and Competence XXL cases are available in specialist stores.

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