Switchable heavy-duty diagonal cutters from Wiha

Schonach, September 2015 - Heavy-duty diagonal cutters, heavy-duty wire cutters ,
compact bolt cutters or special diagonal cutters — often you have to bring along
individual cutting tools in your tool box for each and every different job. With the BiCut,
Wiha offers a switchable diagonal cutter that can be used extremely flexibly for all sorts of
challenges. If the normal performance of a heavy-duty diagonal cutter is not sufficient, it
can simply be doubled with the press of a button.

Whether it is for cutting cables, nails, screws, wire cables or other materials – diagonal cutters are tools for all sorts of applications and varying material hardness from soft to extremely hard. In order that multiple tools do not have to be brought along for a variety of cutting tasks, Wiha, the manufacturer of innovative hand tools offers the BiCut, a unique tool for materials of varying degrees of hardness. It is unique: Since the BiCut can be used as a heavy-duty diagonal cutter as well as a high-performance diagonal cutter, the tiresome changing of tools and expensive purchase of diverse cutting tools is reduced.

If used normally, the BiCut, die-forged from C70 steel, easily cuts objects such as cables, iron
nails or even hardened spring wire .If something cannot be cut through in the normal mode, the
BiCut is specially equipped for cutting extremely hard materials with a unique support mechanism. With a simple press of a button, the cutting power is doubled. The patent-pending design, which turns a heavy-duty diagonal cutter into a high-performance diagonal cutter, is to thank for this. Furthermore, this function is not only suited to the cutting of extremely hard materials. Users that carry out normal cutting tasks for a long period of time also benefit from the doubled cutting power because they correspondingly need 50 percent less l force. The user expends less effort and the strain on the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the hand is reduced. Therefore, using the BiCut, awarded with the Red Dot Award 2014, always remains comfortable because it can easily be switched with one hand. Additionally, the grip ridges are designed to be extra wide and the soft and hard zones on the grips are optimally adjusted to the ergonomics of the human hand in order to enable pain-free and comfortable working.

The BiCut from Wiha is available in different varieties including the VDE certified version, Professional electric. On the company website, Wiha shows detailed information and videos about its BiCut family.

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