Wiha receives the AGR quality seal for its ergonomic handle design

Schonach, December 2015 – Wiha is the first hand tool manufacturer in the world who has
been awarded the AGR seal of distinction which confirms the effectiveness and benefits of
its ergonomic screwdriver handle size concept and the Inomic pliers handle concept. The
AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. – German Campaign for Healthier Backs) gave the tool
manufacturer the award of distinction after a series of comprehensive tests carried out by
doctors and professional therapists, in which the handle design was meticulously

As one of the leading producers of hand tools and 2014 MX Award winner as the "Best SME in
Germany", Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH has always opted for an ergonomic handle size concept
throughout its fastening tools in the SoftFinish, SoftFinish electric, SoftFinish ESD and
MicroFinish ranges. It aims to ensure more comfortable, longer and above all pain-free work for
users. This concept has now also received AGR approval through its AGR quality seal.

For many years, the AGR has been dedicated to promoting and researching the prevention of
back pain. It also offers recommendations on products that help to prevent musculoskeletal
disorders and back pain. In light of its strict test criteria and the composition of the independent
committee with renowned medical experts, the AGR quality seal also enjoys a high level of
approval within the medical community. Distinguished products therefore carry the
recommendation of doctors and therapists. This test committee has now decided to award this
prestigious seal to Wiha's ergonomic handle size concept. Particular praise was given to the fact
that, in contrast to most standard handles by tool manufacturers, the small handles fit optimally in
the hand for the highest level of precision and control, whilst the large handles are ideal for
powerful fastening with the integrated hard and soft zones. This intelligent concept with four
screwdriver handle sizes and lengths optimally adapted to the specific fastening or task helps
users to minimise or even prevent musculoskeletal disorders and pain in joints and muscles.

"The distinction of our screwdriver handle size concept serves as proof that Wiha tools not only
enable users to work efficiently, but also in a health-conscious manner. Especially for specialist
workers and companies, these tools offer huge added value, since complaints, typical workrelated
illnesses or even long-term damage to joints, muscles and tendons are prevented, thus
minimising absences from work. The optimal power transmission of the handle, specifically
adapted to the different fastenings, offers comfortable and extremely efficient work for users. Our
formula is simple: less force, less pain, but better results and health," emphasises Ronny
Lindskog, European Sales and Marketing Manager at Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH.

Alongside the distinguished handle size concept, Wiha's Inomic pliers handle concept also carries
the AGR seal of approval. Thanks to ergonomic handling, it also offers users the opportunity to
work for longer periods whilst protecting muscles. For the tool manufacturer, such recognition
means proven professionalism in terms of its user orientation and high-quality, innovative

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