Crimping made easy – the automatic solution from Wiha for greater efficiency and more fields of application

Schonach, Germany, November 2016 – All electricians are familiar with the typical drawbacks when using crimping pliers. Wire-end sleeves get caught and jammed, crimping doesn't turn out right, or sleeves are not even placed in the right position in the plier head. Unusable waste is not uncommon as a result. This not only pushes up costs in terms of time and materials, but also impairs process safety and is annoying for the user. Wiha now presents an automatic solution which unites two crimping pliers in a single compact tool for use in a range between 0.08 and 16 mm² and which ensures that work is completed efficiently without any hassle.

Users can now breathe easy and wrap their wire-end sleeves in a heat process. The new interaction between different technical and functional characteristics in the new automatic crimping pliers electric from hand tool manufacturer Wiha will clearly make the craft of crimping significantly easier for users in the future. A feed mechanism for wire-end sleeves prevents the plastic cover from being crimped along with the wires. Replacing the square opening with a hex shape and the hexagonal crimping ensures that wire-end sleeves do not get caught or twisted in the pliers. The crimping tool is also much easier to use thanks to a perfectly matched pressing force and automatic adjustment to the wire-end sleeve size for a wide range of applications between 0.08 and 16mm². As far as process safety is concerned, these product characteristics combined with other features, such as the integrated lever, which ensures that the crimping process can be interrupted at any time, provide a wide range of user-friendly advantages compared to earlier or similar models.

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