Hand tools receive the iF and Red Dot Award

Schonach, Germany, April 2015 – Wiha’s FlipSelector, the CentroFix family and MagicFlip Force have received the Red Dot Award 2015 for product design as well as the iF Design Award 2015. Once again hand tools from the traditional Black Forest company are prize winners.

With the Red Dot Award and the iF Design Award, Wiha receives two of the most prestigious design awards for its products. The Red Dot Award 2015 for High Design Quality was awarded to the compact FlipSelector bit box and the bit holders of the CentroFix family and the MagicFlip Force model. In addition, the latter two products received the seal of approval from the iF Product committee in the product category of Industry/Skilled Trades.

"The awards are an honour and affirm us in our work," said Ronny Lindskog, Sales and Marketing Director for Europe. "Wiha has always been eager to develop hand tools that allow the users to work more efficiently due to their technical, functional and ergonomic features without compromising the design."

The FlipSelector is robust and fits into any pocket. The bit clamping element can swivel up to 180°, allowing a quick bit removal. The CentroFix family is also characterised by userfriendliness. Thanks to the "SelfLock" function, the bit is automatically locked during insertion and is held securely with zero play. The MagicFlip Force is designed for simplified drilling of the screw with a manually operable ring magnet which springs back to the last fastening phase and makes
the screw head visible for precise recessing.

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