New: Wiha torch with LED, laser & UV light for professionals

Schonach/ Germany, March 2017 – And then there was light… thought Wiha after a detailed market and needs analysis and is now launching its new Wiha torch to the hand tool market. Equipped with ingenious, practical functions – laser, UV light and a very strong LED lamp with two light levels – this new hand tool for users in trade and industry provides a variety of usage options and makes daily work easier in many respects. This practical little tool contains special features such as a retaining clip, magnetic positioning mechanism, and easy positioning and transmission of measurements thanks to the swivelling light head and permanent laser function.

Do you need to work efficiently in poorly lit work environments? Even the most experienced professionals with the best equipment find this difficult. The hand tool manufacturer Wiha is thus extending its range to include a new, handy, easy-to-use torch which it is not only designed to help when light conditions are poor. With a very strong LED lamp, this light is suitable for different work situations and light conditions thanks to the two distinct LED lighting levels at 280 lm and 100 lm, since dazzling light often reduces vision outside the light beam. The light includes a special swivelling L-shaped head, making it easier to point light in a required direction, while a retaining clip and a magnetic positioning mechanism also ensures hands can be free for other work. The integrated laser function with a unique press of a button proves really useful, providing detailed positioning and easy transmission of measurements for tasks such as ceiling installations. A switch-on interval of 2 seconds prevents the user from turning on the laser inadvertently. The compact light also features an integrated UV light, which is particularly useful for technical inspections. Combining these functions in a single torch means there is no need to carry around several, significantly heavier tools for different tasks.

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