7148 CF

Bit holder CentroFix Force mechanically lockable

1/4" Holds what it promises!

Product highlights

Increases your efficiency
No wobbling and an extremely secure hold thanks to the play-free guidance of bits.
Saves time
Rapid bit change due to easy-to-operate locking and unlocking of the holder.


Further information

Whenever the bit needs a secure and zero-play hold.
Ideal for screw profiles (e.g. Torx) which tend to jam in the screw.
Suitable for
For bits according to DIN 3126, ISO 1173 style C 6.3 and E 6.3.
DIN 3126, ISO 1173, style E 6.3.
Metal, hardened, coated.
Plastic box, reusable and dust repellent.
Bit is automatically locked when inserted - SelfLock.
Simple bit removal thanks to EasyOut ejection function.
Robust operating sleeve of hardened steel.
With strong Neodym magnet.

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