Bit holder MagicFlip Force magnetic

with ring magnet, 1/4" Strong holding force and single-handed operation.

Tutorial: Wiha Bithalter CentroFix Super Slim, CentroFix Force and MagicFlip Force

Product highlights

Simplifies your work
Actuating sleeve recoils to indicate flush fastening.
Increases your safety
Thanks to the strong ring magnet, even heavy screws are held securely in place.


Further information

When fastening wooden screws, you are often faced with the problem of not being able to guide screws optimally due to their length. Wiha's bit holder MagicFlip securely holds heavy screws thanks to its strong Neodym ring magnet, allowing for one-handed work. If the screw is flush with the material surface, the actuating sleeve springs back automatically, making the screw head visible. If required, the screw can then be recessed further. The actuating sleeve can be pushed back to deactivate the ring magnet. The bit holder is suitable for C 6.3 bits.
Ideal for fastening long screws or wooden screws.
Suitable for
For bits according to DIN 3126, ISO 1173 style C 6.3.
DIN 3126, ISO 1173, style E 6.3.
Metal, coated.
Plastic box, reusable and dust repellent.
With strong Neodym magnet.
Particularly small ring magnet inner diameter, also suitable for drywall screws.
Ring magnet sleeve springs back to the last fastening phase, allowing a view of the screw head and enabling precise recessing.
Ring magnet sleeve can be pushed back and thus "deactivated" if required.

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