7047R Z

Bit Professional 50 mm

Hexagonal ball end 1/4" High-performance and professional.

Product highlights

Meets your requirements
Robust and precise bits for general fastening in trade and industry.
Simplifies your work
The ball end facilitates access to screws and allows you to work at an angle of up to 25°.
Increases your efficiency
Best rotation characteristics for stable fastening processes.

Wiha MagicRing® holding feature holds all hex screws in place without a magnet.
Saves time
Simple and quick recognition of profile sizes thanks to contrasting laser marking.

Further information

For all types of screw applications in trade and industry.
To insert and remove screws from holes or cavities, specially in difficult to access areas.
High grade chrome-vanadium steel, through hardened.
DIN 3126, ISO 1173, style E 6.3.
MagicRing® made from spring steel holds all standard screws in every position. Ball end allows a working angle up to 25°.

Article-/Order Overview

Order-No. hex attribute_Laenge_Bit weight Notice ...
25739 3,0 50 8.8 add to wishlist
25740 4,0 50 10.33 add to wishlist
25741 5,0 50 11.8 add to wishlist
25742 6,0 50 12.8 add to wishlist

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