Screwdriver with interchangeable blade set SYSTEM 4 ESD

assorted 11-pcs. Variable in length and variety.

Product highlights

Simplifies your work
Blade length is adjustable from 18-90 mm.
Increases your efficiency
Compact precision fastening tool System 4 with comprehensive, interchangeable blade selection.
Protects your health
With the patented SoftFinish® handle design, ensuring work is kind to hands and muscles. Recommended by doctors and therapists at German Campaign for Healthier Backs.
Facilitates handling
Easy operation of the locking and unlocking button.
Lowers your costs
Electrostatically conductive tools protect electronic components from damage.

Further information

A standard-length blade is unable to reach low-lying screws in electronic components. The SYSTEM 4 ESD set provides a remedy for such screws – a versatile, space-saving interchangeable tool. Thanks to the SYSTEM 4 interchangeable blades, the required blade profile can be quickly and easily inserted and the blade length fixed to requirements. System 4 interchangeable blades can reach lengths between 18 and 90 mm. The SYSTEM 4 handle is compatible with all Wiha SYSTEM 4 interchangeable blades (series 269). In particular, SYSTEM 4 blades are optimally suited to carry out precision work on electronics. The click-stop ball clamp guarantees a secure hold for blades. The screwdriver handle is manufactured in line with the IEC 61340-5-1 international standard and thus guarantees maximum protection for electronic components. The dissipative handle has a surface resistance between 106 and 109 ohm and safely channels electrostatic energy away in a controlled fashion. The ergonomically shaped SoftFinish® handle is also recommended by doctors and therapists. The robust roll-up bag ensures tools are neatly packed away, saving space.
Ideal for fastening low-lying screws in electronic components.

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