Z 26 1 00

Corner pipe pliers Classic


Further information

Safe and secure grip on pipes, flat workpieces and nuts.
DIN 5234.
Chrome-vanadium steel, tempered.
Safe and secure grip due to teeth that are offset against the direction of rotation. Torsion-free handle profile. Adjusting nut secured to prevent loss. Long durability achieved by additional inductive hardening of gripper jaws.
Head shape
Swedish shape angled 45°.

Article-/Order Overview

Order-No. attribute_Zangenlaenge_mm pipe diameter attribute_Spannbereich weight Notice ...
29438 315 1 0-40 810 add to wishlist
29439 420 1 ½ 0-55 1351 add to wishlist
29440 570 2 0-67 9379 add to wishlist

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