Z 66 0 00

Gripping pliers Classic

with wire cutter

Further information

Clamping and gripping of round and flat material.
Wire cutter for cutting welded wires.
Forged jaws made of chrome-vanadium-steel. Body of pliers made of high-resistance special steel, nickel-plated.
Single-handed operation with quick-release lever, adjusting screw and integrated wire cutter.
Head shape
Bent gripper jaws with wire cutter.

Article-/Order Overview

Order-No. attribute_Zangenlaenge_mm attribute_Zangenlaenge_Zoll attribute_Spannweite_rund attribute_Spannweite_flach weight Notice ...
29485 180 7 8-30 0-20 360 add to wishlist
29486 250 10 8-40 0-20 556 add to wishlist
29487 300 12 8-65 0-30 906 add to wishlist

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