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High-performance diagonal cutters BiCut® Industrial with DynamicJoint®

Switchable A cut above the rest with Wiha.

Product highlights

Increases your efficiency
Two pliers in one - 200 % power at the touch of a button, available at any time.
Protects your health
Requires less force and reduces pressure on the wrists.


Further information

For cutting various materials from soft to extremely hard, such as cables, nails, screws, bolts, wire cable, spring wire, chains, etc.
Based on DIN ISO 5749.
Hard as steel - Drop forged of high-quality C70 steel.
Clever - BiCut does the job of two pairs of pliers. Powerful - Up to 50% less hand strength required for cutting. Power - Cutting force doubled for extremely hard materials. Comfortable - Easily switch between the two strengths in a one handed operation. Robust and durable - Cutter blades induction hardened up to 64 HRC.
Head shape

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