Z 30 0 01

Pincers Classic

Further information

For withdrawing and cutting nails and wire pins.
DIN ISO 9243.
High quality C 70 tool steel, tempered.
Low wear lap joint, riveted and able to withstand high levels of load. Striking high quality cutting edge with high cutting performance and low application of force due to highly precise processing. Good durability due to additional induction hardening of cutting edges to approx. 64 HRC.
Head shape
Classic style.

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Order-No. attribute_Zangenlaenge_mm attribute_Zangenlaenge_Zoll medium-hard wire weight attribute_Schneidkraft attribute_max_Durchmesser Notice ...
26771 180 7 2,0 330 12 2 add to wishlist
26772 200 8 2,2 363 13 2.2 add to wishlist

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