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Pliers set Professional ESD

Diagonal cutters, oblique end cutting nippers, needle nose pliers 4-pcs. Safe work at sensitive electronic components.

Product highlights

Meets your requirements
Universal set for various cutting applications, secure hold and feeding in the electronics sector.
Lowers your costs
Electrostatically conductive tools protect electronic components from damage.

Further information

Users risk damaging electronic components irreparably when working on them. Such problems become a thing of the past with the Professional ESD plier set. These ESD pliers are manufactured in line with the IEC 61340-5-1 international standard and thus guarantee maximum protection for electronic components. The dissipative plier handles have a surface resistance between 106 and 109 ohm and safely channel electrostatic energy away in a controlled fashion. The set's diagonal cutters and oblique end cutting nippers with opening spring, are eminently suitable for cutting soft copper wires. Moreover, an extra-narrow plier head enables users to work in areas that are particularly difficult to access. The needle nose pliers with opening spring are ideal for precision gripping and bending tasks in electronic engineering. All ESD pliers are safely stored away neatly in a robust bag.
Universal set for all cutting work involving electronics.

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