Electrician's spirit level

40 cm An end to fiddly readings.

Tutorial: Wiha electricians spirit level

Product highlights

Simplifies your work
Comfortable measurement in different work positions thanks to the ingeniously positioned scales, even when viewed from above.
Increases your efficiency
Both bubbles can be seen easily even from an acute angle.
Saves space
Perfectly portable; fits into Wiha cases.
Saves time
Variable distance marks for up to 4 flush boxes.

Further information

All too often electricians find it difficult to see the bubble in spirit levels when installing socket outlets in the floor. They may also leave unsightly edges when marking positions due to bubbles shifting as they mark lines. The Wiha electrician's spirit level now puts an end to such problems. Users can see its bubbles perfectly, even from a sharp angle. The spirit level also allows electricians to mark out lines without needing to stop thanks to an end-to-end casing. The ingeniously positioned linear scales ensure users can measure in comfort, even when viewing from above. The variable distance marks for up to four flush socket boxes bring another advantage to electrical installation work. The sliding marking points for boxes allow the spirit level to be adjusted to the marking distances required by local regulations. This means the level can be used in a wide variety of situations, even on an international level. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it is also perfect for portable use and can be stored away in the Wiha electrician's case.
For measuring and marking vertical and horizontal distances between flush boxes.

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