Adapter blade

internal square for torque screwdriver with long handle

Torque screwdriver TorqueVario®-S

Product highlights

Increases your efficiency
Solve every fastening task with the Wiha nut driver range.

Further information

For applications where recommended torque settings are important.
High quality chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel, through hardened, chrome-plated.
Nickel-plated, spring-mounted ball.

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Order-No. square nut hex blade attribute_Laenge_Adapterklinge weight blister packed Gross/Net Notice ...
26229 1/4 4 155 22
Incl. Tax: - / Excl. Tax: AU$16.25
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41000 1/4 4 155 30 x
Incl. Tax: - / Excl. Tax: AU$17.25
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