Torque screwdriver iTorque®

with digital scale The intelligent torque tool.

Video: Mechatronischer Drehmoment-Schraubendreher 02
Wiha Drehmoment-Schraubendreher iTorque mit Digitalskala

Product highlights

Meets your requirements
A variably settable torque which covers a large range of usage.
Increases your efficiency
The correct torque avoids damaging material and no follow-up work is necessary.
Lowers your costs
The correct torque protects you from warranty claims.


Further information

For applications where recommended torque settings are important. Use in combination with a Wiha torque interchangeable blade.
DIN EN ISO 6789.
Torque can be conveniently set directly via push button integrated in handle. Ergonomic plastic/metal compound handle of quality, robust materials. Handle sizes proportioned to optimise torque setting. Distinctly audible and perceptible click signal when set toque is reached. Compatible with all blades of the 2859.
Bit holder
Torque bit universal holder exchange blade for accommodating C 6.3 and E 6.3 (1/4") bits (included in delivery).
±6%, traceable to national standards.
Click Control - integrated counter records all applications. Calibration alert following 5,000 applications (normative reference value/resettable)
Large digital display for simple stepless setting of torque value.
Units can be simply switched - Nm ↔in.lbs / cNm ↔in.oz.

Article-/Order Overview

Order-No. Nm Ibs tolerance hex attribute_Grifflaenge handle diameter weight Gross/Net Notice ...
36886 0,4-1,5 60-210 in.oz 6% 4 134 34 322
Incl. Tax: - / Excl. Tax: AU$395.00
Incl. VAT
Excl. shipping
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36887 0,8-3,0 7-26 in.Ibs 6% 4 134 34 340
Incl. Tax: - / Excl. Tax: AU$395.00
Incl. VAT
Excl. shipping
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36888 1,0-5,0 9-44 in.Ibs 6% 4 134 40 373
Incl. Tax: - / Excl. Tax: AU$405.00
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