Wiha TPMS-Set - The all-round set for all makes of vehicle

For the professional installation of tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) Wiha provides a TPMS kit that contains all the necessary tools. The universally equipped tool case is suitable for all makes of cars and valves and is therefore ideal for use in garages.

As of November 2014 the law requires that tyre pressure sensors are fitted on all new cars. In order for these sensors to function properly, a professional installation is essential. Wiha’s TPMS kit provides all the tools necessary for the installation of direct TPMS. The set consists of a 12- piece tool kit and is suitable for all car makes and standard valves

Torque tools for the right tension
The toolbox includes two torque screwdrivers: the TorqueVario-S and TorqueVario-S TR. The tools have a torque range from 0.3 to 2 Nm and 2 to 9 Nm respectively, which can easily be set using the supplied adjustment tools. The manufacturer's specifications for torque limits can thus be precisely adhered to and material damage due to excessive torque is avoided. Furthermore, numerous additional fixed torque tools are thus superfluous. The Torque Vario S TR also has a built-in ratchet, which allows comfortable and fast fastening even in restricted workspaces such
as between the wheel spokes.

Suitable accessories for all assembly steps
The kit includes three 50 mm long Torx bits in the profile sizes T10, T15 and T20 for tightening the screws when installing the sensor. The bits are compatible with both torque tools and come with a Magic Spring function. This function prevents screws falling out and reduces any resulting additional work. For the subsequent connection of the valve sleeve to the wheel rim the TPMS set has two sockets of 11 and 12 millimetres with ¼-inch drive. The final tightening of the valve core can also be comfortably and safely carried out using the included set of tyre valve bits and
TorqueVario-S tool. A ¼-inch adapter for the Torque Vario S TR for use with sockets and a suitable ¼-inch-bit holder for the torque screwdriver are also included in the set.

The Wiha TPMS kit is available for 270 € (RRP) in specialist trade shops.

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