Wiha and its 25 years of success with the if DESIGN AWARD

 Schonach, Germany, June 2017 – Screwdrivers, bit holders, hammers, plier innovations, torque solutions and many more hand tool products can inspire enthusiasm when they are not mere tools, but also deliver a design concept based on functional design and advanced innovative thinking. And Wiha tools do precisely that. At least that's what the jury of the independent IF DESIGN Award design institution thinks, having chosen Wiha tool innovations on a regular basis since 1992. Based in the Black Forest, this hand tool manufacturer has already notched up a grand total of 20 awards. Although a few things may remain the same, Wiha believes much has changed dramatically over the last 25 years. There have been changes to Wiha itself, its innovative culture, the hand tool market in general and the importance of participating in competitions such as the if DESIGN AWARD.

The first award winners in Wiha's if AWARD success story, starting in 1992, were just the beginning and included products such as the Dynamic screwdriver, the ClapStar retractable L-key holder and the Safety 2000 safety hammer. Numerous innovations in the hand tool segment have followed since then. As technology, user needs and the hand tool market itself advanced, such innovations have also markedly modified and optimised their appearance and standards in terms of functionality, efficiency and ergonomic design.

"As you would expect, every product development is influenced by experience from the past – deep understanding and detailed knowledge from many years' close cooperation with users regarding their needs and desires. Scientific and research findings and keen creative spirit in our development team also play a role. This all means that our product developments have not only kept up with the times, but have also even managed to set trends, as they have also done in the past," explains Wilhelm Hahn, today's CEO and owner of the company, now managed by the third generation of the Hahn family.

Honoured this year, the magazine bit holder LiftUp 26one® is the latest award winner to join the other 19 prize-winning innovations from the last 25 years. This hand tool solution really impresses and makes daily work easier for users thanks to its user-oriented product features and characteristics. With a bit holder and a total of 13 double bits in its handle, it can provide 26 different types of screw fastening, thus ensuring greater efficiency and reducing weight. What the LiftUp 26one® and the other 19 award-winners have in common is a product design which impressed the jury and promises real benefit for users in everyday life thanks to at least one special feature.

"A competitive mindset and a strong developer spirit are firmly anchored in Wiha's corporate culture. We find that the only way that we can and want to be successful is by evolving, competing against others, being a trendsetter and innovator, learning from competitions and processes, and growing as a result. Participating in competitions such as the DESIGN AWARD gives us the opportunity to receive an impartial review of our own innovative strength and stand out. It is obviously a chance to provide a benchmark and demonstrate that our innovations are something special, pioneering, not only for us, but also for independent, professional competition panels," continues Hahn before concluding: "The 25-year if DESIGN anniversary shows that we have consistently stuck to our guns and based our strategy on intensive development and innovation work."

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