The multi-talented Wiha pliers for easy cable preparation

Wiha's automatic stripping pliers for wide variety of cables promise many advantages in terms of safety, efficiency and ergonomic design

Hand tool manufacturer Wiha offers a multi-functional tool for cable preparation with its automatic stripping pliers. They enable users to take a safer, more efficient, ergonomic approach to performing typical cable preparation tasks: stripping, skinning and cutting to length. Moreover, you can use these pliers for cable gauges between 0.03 and 16 mm², meaning you do not need to change tools so often while gaining other advantages in terms of flexibility and time savings.

The cutting function allows different cables to be easily trimmed to the desired length. With the metal blade insert, Wiha promises a long service life and robust design, resulting in cost savings for users since they will need to purchase fewer replacements. The adjustable longitudinal stop ensures precise handling. The spare blades and exchange aids contained in the handle are ready for use. An automatic closing function prevents cables in the cable assembly from being damaged accidentally.

Conceived based on ergonomic principles, these pliers are not only whisper-quiet in their operation but also protect user health thanks to another feature: the supplied damper can be inserted into the pliers to diminish recoil and protect the wrist while skinning large cable gauges of 6 mm² and above.

Once the handle is latched, these automatic stripping pliers are securely locked, thus saving space and making them ideal to carry around from job to job.

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