Launch of the new Wiha company website

Schonach – Just once glance at the new Wiha website leaves web users in no doubt: the long-established, Black Forest-based company has been busy! The revised design immediately impresses visitors with modern, clear structures, and presents a variety of information and the latest product highlights with the charm that premium products and services deserve. Using creative features and illustrations, Wiha introduces itself to visitors with elegance and style, and inspires users with a range of innovative functions.
Wiha achieved the aim of creating a more contemporary, improved and above all, user-friendly website with a remarkable result in July. By following the same link, users receive a clear answer to the ever-changing requirements posed by the Internet both in technical and user-related terms. Renowned and distinguished for its innovative premium products and ideas, the tool company lives up to its name once again with the launch of the new website. The new '360° view' tool, for instance, now offers visitors and interested parties the opportunity to contemplate products from every angle in a practically tangible, live manner. This will undoubtedly assist demanding professionals with their purchase decisions – after all, regardless of how the product is turned and viewed, its inherent quality is obvious.
Another top feature for all web visitors and Wiha tool fans is the new short clips, which offer an even closer impression of premium products in around 30 seconds. But it's not just the presentation of products that has undergone change. Through new copy and concise information, the company itself is given a more emotional, fresher image. As part of an ongoing process, the improved website will constantly update users on news and current events, whilst providing the various target groups with the best possible information on topics relevant to them. The next step of the website relaunch involves access to the main social media channels. From likes, tweets and comments left on Facebook, Twitter and Xing, it is possible to learn more about the impressions and requirements of tool and company fans.

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