SB 369R H9

L-key set in ErgoStar holder

MagicRing® hexagonal ball end, 9-pcs., matt chrome-plated in blister pack Perfect order when fast work is required.

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Tutorial: Wiha L-key set in ErgoStar holder

Product highlights

Simplifies your work
The ball end facilitates access to screws and allows you to work at an angle of up to 25°.
Increases your efficiency
Wiha MagicRing® holding feature holds all hex screws in place without a magnet.
Facilitates handling
Always the correct key when you need it.
Lowers your costs
Highly durable thanks to high-quality, chrome-plated L-key surface to prevent corrosion.
Saves time
Ensures order: removing and targeted insertion in the holder is child’s play.

Further information

It's a common experience. It's not easy to remove individual keys from many L-key holders or place them back in the holder again. With Wiha ErgoStar, you can now say goodbye to such problems as it eliminates them in an ingenious way. Turning one L-key in the holder makes all other keys turn to the side at the same angle, enabling you to remove the key you need quickly and comfortably. A clamping mechanism in the holder makes sure that the keys cannot fall out, regardless of whether the holder is open or closed. Thanks to the stainless steel MagicRing® screw-holding spring, the L-keys hold all standard hex screws firmly in any position perfectly no matter what the screw is made of. This ensures that removing sunken screws or inserting and fastening a screw at an angle down to 25° is an extremely simple task.
Ideal for removing standard countersunk screws and inserting and fastening in horizontal, inclined or deep tapped blind holes.
Based on ISO 2936L.

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