410 2005

Folding ruler LongLife Plus Composite 2 m

metric, 10 segments

Further information

Composite design: two top layers made of longitudinal glass fibres absorb bending forces and ensure more rigidity than wooden rules. No swelling with water contact, resistant to chemicals.
CE conformity, EU standard accuracy class II.
Play-free, wear-free and dirt-resistant joint with spring pin for constant tension. Tight 90° and 180° latching of all joints.
Red/black version: Deep-embossed white scale in 1 mm increments, white embossed tens scale. Grey/white version: Deep-embossed black scale in 1 mm increments, red embossed tens scale.
Metal ends which cannot be lost on the first and last segment.
Scale running backwards (recto and verso) enables reading from both sides.

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37067 15 red/ black 124
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