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Stripping tool automatic

up to 16 mm² in blister pack The highly versatile tool for preparing cables.

Tuorial: Wiha automatic stripping tool

Product highlights

Increases your efficiency
Automatic stripping pliers for a wide range of cables between 0.03 and 16 mm².
Protects your health
Damper enclosed for large cable cross-sections to reduce recoil and protect wrists.
Lowers your costs
Long-lasting and robust thanks to metal blade insert.
Saves time
Blades quickly exchanged by immediately available replacement blades in the handle.

Further information

Wiha's automatic stripping pliers promise to deliver "Skinning made easy". The cutting function allows cables to be trimmed to the desired length. The integrated hand protection on the blade guards against injury and prevents cables in the cable assembly from being damaged accidentally thanks to its automatic closing function. Users can skin cables ranging between 0.03 and 16 mm² with just one set of pliers. The adjustable longitudinal stop ensures precise handling. The stripping pliers also impress thanks to their whisper-quiet function. The supplied damper can be inserted into the pliers to reduce recoil and protect the wrist when skinning large cable gauges of 6 mm² and above. The spare blades and exchange aids contained in the handle are ready for use instantly. Once the handle is locked into place, these stripping pliers save space and are securely locked, making them ideal to carry from job to job.
For stripping, skinning and trimming cables between 0.03 and 16 mm².

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42062 200 8 0,03 - 16 32-5 280 x
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