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Screwdriver set SoftFinish®

Slotted, Phillips hexagonal blade and solid steel cap, 6-pcs. The convenient expert for dry applications.

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Wiha receives the AGR quality seal for its ergonomic handle
Tutorial: Wiha SoftFinish with hex bolster solid steel cap

Product highlights

Simplifies your work
Striking cap integrated into the handle allows you to strike and lift with the screwdriver.
Increases your efficiency
Unique Wiha handle-length concept for optimum balance of torque and control.
Protects your health
With the patented SoftFinish® handle design, ensuring work is kind to hands and muscles. Recommended by doctors and therapists at German Campaign for Healthier Backs.
Facilitates handling
Easy loosening of tight screws thanks to hex bolster for spanners.

Further information

Rusted or glued screws in particular are often difficult to undo. The SoftFinish® screwdriver set with striking cap and hexagon head provides optimum capabilities for screw-fastening, gouging and chiselling. The solid steel cap on the handle end allows direct hammering – to loosen screws which are stuck, for example. The impact energy is transmitted without any losses due to the direct connection between the solid steel cap and blade. The hexagon head on the blade enables higher torques to be transferred using a screw wrench. Wiha screwdrivers also stand out due to their sophisticated handle size concept. The long, slender handle sizes can be used to fasten small screws quickly and firmly. There are also large handle sizes to fasten large screws which can be used to apply greater torques. The various handle sizes have also been matched to the consistently same-sized hand of screw-fastening professionals. Thanks to its optimum grip, the SoftFinish® screwdriver is particularly suitable for applications in dry environments. The position of the soft and hard zones on the handle also supports the perfect grip for quick and powerful turning.
Highly suitable for dry applications in trade and industry. Ideal for loosening stubborn screws and applying higher torque values.

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