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Torque screwdriver set TorqueVario®-S ESD

assorted, variably adjustable torque limit, 13-pcs. in box Controlled fastening of electrical components.

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Product highlights

Meets your requirements
A variably settable torque covers a large application area.
Simplifies your work
All tools securely arranged in a robust and clearly laid out bag.
Increases your efficiency
The correct torque avoids damaging material and no follow-up work is necessary.
Protects your health
With the patented SoftFinish® handle design, ensuring work is kind to hands and muscles. Recommended by doctors and therapists at German Campaign for Healthier Backs.
Lowers your costs
Electrostatically conductive tools protect electronic components from damage.

Further information

Users risk damaging electronic components irreparably when working on them. Such problems become a thing of the past with the TorqueVario®-S ESD torque screwdriver set. The ESD torque screwdriver is manufactured in line with the IEC 61340-5-1 international standard and thus guarantees maximum protection for electronic components. The dissipative tool handle has a surface resistance between 106 and 109 ohm and safely channels electrostatic energy away in a controlled fashion. The torque screwdriver also ensures controlled screw tightening. Thanks to its integrated numeric scale and the supplied adjusting tool, variable torque settings can be made, therefore covering a wide application field. A clearly audible and tactile signal is emitted when triggering the set torque value, guaranteeing process-safe work, protecting material and eliminating follow-up work. With a release accuracy of +/- 6%, the torque tool complies with EN ISO 6789 requirements. The set includes a bit holder for 1/4" bits. The ESD torque screwdriver is also compatible with 4 mm Wiha Torque interchangeable blades (series 2859). All tools in the set are safely stored neatly away in a robust, clearly organised box.
For controlled fastening at a specific torque on components susceptible to electrostatic discharge.
IEC 61340-5-1.
DIN EN ISO 6789.
Torque infinitely adjustable with Torque-Setter setting tool (also supplied). Ergonomic multi-component handle, made of ESD-safe dissipative material.
±6%, traceable to national standards.
Supply in robust box including works inspection protocol.

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