Reliable recalibration by Wiha Services: iTorque – Guaranteed precision for life

Schonach – Intelligent, innovative and individual: The new iTorque torque screwdriver by Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH sets new standards, and not just in terms of efficiency and unique mechatronics. Wiha is also a trailblazer in providing service for the entire torque assortment. In this way, Wiha provides customised service for the required calibration of torque screwdrivers. The customer has absolute operating safety from the works calibration certificate to DAkkS calibration.

A calibrated torque tool is subjected to natural wear during daily use. This is why torque tools must undergo regular controls. This is the only way to ensure permanent precision and reliability. The standard thus recommends testing (calibration) after 5,000 applications or after one year at the latest. With safety-related fastening processes or intensive use of torque tools, shorter maintenance intervals are recommended.

For this reason, Wiha offers customised, fast and professional calibration services for its premium torque assortment. In addition, the customer can use the new recalibration service for the innovative iTorque.

Wide spectrum of recalibration services
Various service options are available to address specific customer wishes. The scope of service is based on individual customer requirements and includes works calibration and general overhaul.

Standard-compliant safety
The tool's safety and permanent level of performance are our top priorities. The works calibration certificate, which is created and included when the tool leaves the works and following each calibration, proves users can rely on the tools. Works calibration is in accordance with the internationally recognized standard DIN EN ISO 6789 2003. Uniform tool measurement is guaranteed by the indirect traceability of testing for national

Service is also possible during operation – fast– directly - easily
The services are available on the Wiha homepage at Customers can download the standard service order form there. The order form and tool are then sent to Wiha Service and returned within 5-7 workdays, of course including an estimate if desired.

NEW: Individualisation service
Wiha offers personal and technical individualisation options for its torque assortment. Fast and easy support for this is available for customers at the Wiha online portal ( The user can perform the desired individualisation quickly and easily here. The desired product can be ordered from retailers by means of the automatically generated order slip.

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