Wiha presents new tools with a wide torque range

Efficient and Safe Operation with TorqueVario-S TR and Torque-Vario-S TR VDE

Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH has expanded its product range to include two new torque tools: the TorqueVario TR-S and TorqueVario-S TR VDE. The two tools both possess a never before seen, unique torque range from two to eight Newton metres. This means that just a single tool is needed for various applications. This enables very efficient working. In addition, the correct torque value protects the user against subsequent reworking and damage to the material. Thanks to their ergonomic design, the tools are comfortable to hold whilst working. The VDE version also provides the user with secure protection during hazardous voltage work.

Depending on the material and the field of application, different screwdrivers are usually required with the respective matching torque. Wiha's TorqueVario S-TR models make owning multiple tools for individual torques superfluous. The correct torque of between two to eight Newton meters can be set easily and quickly using the adjusting tools integrated in the handle; controlled by the handle’s numerical scale. A clearly audible and tactile trigger signal notifies the user when the selected value is reached. The finely serrated ratchet with a small return angle of five degrees also enables work in the tightest of spaces. The result is lower cost and increased efficiency thanks to the need for fewer tools.

Working safely in electronic areas
The TorqueVario-S TR VDE, manufactured according to the EN ISO 6789, BS EN 26789 and ASME B107.14M standards, and the VDE torque blades of the Wiha 28379 series, manufactured according to IEC 60900:2012 are ideally suited for fastening work on live parts or electrical systems. With Wiha´s new VDE torque tool, work can be carried out in electrical areas of up to 1,000 volts without danger. The blades, made of chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel, are covered in protective insulation and are individually tested up to 10,000 volts.

Proven Topra handle for convenient work
Wiha's proven Topra handle allows maximum transmission of force through its soft and hard zones optimally designed for the hand. At the same time, it combines the advantages of screwdriver and T-handles without loss of power or control. Fastening work is thus safe and without slippage. The ergonomic shape enables the user to work longer and above all, painlessly

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