Stripping tool

with self-rotating trailing blade For safe and precise stripping.

Product highlights

Simplifies your work
Perfect handling thanks to ergonomic handle shape.
Increases your efficiency
Skinning of all standard cross-sections through continuous setting.
Saves time
Automatic setting from round to length cutting.

Further information

Electricians need to trim and skin cables at times when installing electrical systems. Their equipment would be incomplete without a stripping tool. Thanks to its ergonomic handle shape, the Wiha cable stripping knife can be held perfectly in the hand. The continuously adjustable cut depth per adjustment screw allows users to skin all standard round cable gauges between 4 mm and 28 mm comfortably. The cable stripping knife automatically switches from a round cut to a lengthwise one thanks to the self-rotating inner knife. The self-clamping holding device also ensures reliable cable routing. A safety cap covers the knife and its hooked blade during transport and storage. The tool handle contains a spare blade.
Precise, fast and safe stripping of all common round cable from ø 4 mm – 28 mm.
Self-turning inner cutter for circular and longitudinal cutting.

Article-/Order Overview

Order-No. Pliers length (mm) Pliers length (Inch) Max. diameter Weight Blister packed Gross/Net Order Notice ...
35969 165 4,0-28 83
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35538 165 4,0-28 106 x
Incl. Tax: £21.37 / Excl. Tax: £17.96
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