Black Forest-based Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH has made it among the best in the 26th edition of the TOP 100 innovation competition. The company received its award from the competition mentor, Ranga Yogeshwar, Scientific Director of the comparison, Professor Nikolaus Franke, and compamedia at Frankfurt’s Jahrhunderthalle congress hall on 28 June. TOP 100 uses a scientific approach to evaluate innovation management in medium-sized companies and consequential innovation successes. Wiha particularly impressed with its innovation climate during the independent selection process. It is now the second time that the company has made it among the innovation elite.
Hand tool manufacturer Wiha’s brand quality has managed to impress the German Brand Awards 2019 jury in two categories. The long-established company carried off the Winner award in the Excellent Brands – Gardening & Tools category and a Special Mention in the Excellent Brands – Corporate Brand of the Year category. The jury closely scrutinised aspects such as brand history, brand management, salience, positioning, values, brand presence design quality, degree of innovation and strength of differentiation.
The German Innovation Awards ceremony took place at the German Museum of Technology in Berlin on 28 May, where hand tool manufacturer Wiha received the Gold award for its e-screwdriver speedE®. Two representatives from the company accepted the trophy for their invention, the tool which makes manual screw-driving incredibly easier.
"Not all screw fastenings are the same" or, put another way: "Quality work requires quality tools." It is likely that such a wise truism as this prompted Willi Hahn to found his company 80 years ago. His decision yielded results and has led to 80 years of company history for the hand tool manufacturer Wiha. The company has grown from humble beginnings as a small family firm and into a world-leading manufacturer for professional hand tool solutions with locations around the globe. This year, the long-established company based in the Black Forest is celebrating an important anniversary.
Wiha hand tool manufacturer has been honoured with the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019. Its new slimBit boxes have received the Red Dot, which the prestigious jury awards exclusively to products featuring an excellent design.
Kick-off, pass, shoot and goal. Wiha is presenting a new line-up which will deliver the right move no matter what type of fastening is involved: the ElectricVario Family, a system comprising of 83 tools which can be fully combined with one another. In addition to many new 'signings', the newly announced Wiha team also includes existing Wiha solutions in different set compilations. Launched under the heading 'Professional football', the extensive campaign bears its own campaign logo, which will make it easy for users to recognise all the different 'team mates' in the future. Users will be guaranteed to get through any 'penalty box' efficiently, flexibly and perfectly safely, with their health intact, sinking every screw with a dead aim.
The Wiha e-screwdriver speedE® has now received its third award this year and has even been honoured with a gold accolade. The German Design Council has given the German Design Award 2019 in Gold to the newly developed product from the hand tool manufacturer from the Black Forest. The jury selects a gold award winner for each category. Presented in recognition of outstanding achievements in international design, the Gold award only goes to the very best products.
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Hand tool manufacturer Wiha is extending its product range for electricians with several new products and fully insulated set compilations. The Wiha hacksaw electric, a new torque screwdriver with T-handle (5–14 Nm) and comprehensive tool sets with ratchet wrenches and single open-end spanners are set to bring users multiple advantages. Each product excels in its own way with regards to handling, efficiency and accessibility. However, they all have one thing in common: no compromises have been made regarding safety and insulation. The manufacturer states that these fresh additions to the existing Wiha range for electricians are based on even closer understanding of the professional segment's true requirements.
Hand tool manufacturer Wiha offers a multi-functional tool for cable preparation with its automatic stripping pliers. They enable users to take a safer, more efficient, ergonomic approach to performing typical cable preparation tasks: stripping, skinning and cutting to length. Moreover, you can use these pliers for cable gauges between 0.03 and 16 mm², meaning you do not need to change tools so often while gaining other advantages in terms of flexibility and time savings.
Applying the wrong torque can lead to serious consequences during delicate screw fastening tasks. The result is often damage to materials, a great deal of rectification work or warranty claims. The Torque QuickCheck enables a quick and easy functional check of the Wiha torque screwdrivers before each use. A regular tool check guarantees secure and controlled work. The Torque QuickCheck also impresses thanks to its user-friendly testing procedure: the respective Wiha torque screwdriver is inserted into the Torque QuickCheck together with the enclosed adapter blades and checked at 2.8 Nm. The result is clearly indicated by a traffic light colour LED light. Thanks to its compact and handy shape, the Torque QuickCheck is the ideal companion for mobile appplications.
"The business as we know it has changed for good. If you unite a product which made a powerful impact, a superlative matching trade fair presence, a perfect backup on TV, an incomparable marketing package and fantastic sales, you get the International Hardware Fair 2018 for Wiha." That's how Wiha Managing Director Ronny Lindskog summed up the company's successful participation in the trade fair in Cologne between 4 and 7 March. Many visitors among the international specialist retail trade considered the Eisen Award-winning Wiha speedE® as THE trade fair innovation for 2018.
“Drive with speed, fix with feeling” – as the first e-screwdriver from Wiha, speedE® promises to halve the time users take to complete their work in the future. An electric motor assists with fastening screws up to 0.4 Nm before disengaging to ensure that material is protected. The screw can then be fixed by hand with a deft touch, just as with a conventional screwdriver. An innovative electric ratchet function assists users as they complete fastening. The globally unique 3-step speedE® process enables users to work significantly faster and more efficiently, but by using a controlled, healthier technique.
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