One. Always. Everywhere. Wiha presents the new tool backpack for maximum freedom in the professional work day

When you have your hands full of work, you need two free hands. With the new Wiha tool backpack, users experience a new freedom in transporting Tools.

Anyone who frequently works in high buildings with many stairs or has to climb on roofs, ladders or scaffolding knows how important it is to have two free hands when transporting tools. The same goes for those who have to carry other materials in addition to their tools, who work in places that are difficult to access, such as lift shafts, or who travel by bicycle. Wiha developed a product solution that precisely addresses these challenges, offering special functions that support professionals in various ways during their daily work – the new Wiha tool backpack sets in two versions for electrical or mechanical applications.

Everything securely stowed away

In addition to the basic equipment of professional tools, depending on the content variation, the backpack also offers plenty of storage space inside for further equipment or luggage. A separate back compartment allows users to store their laptop or documents separate from the tools. Valuables, glasses or sensitive instruments can be kept either in a specially protected side compartment or a storage compartment in the front. The cleverly conceived compartment system makes removing and returning tools clearly structured and extremely easy. Via the quick access option, it is even possible with 1/3 opening of the backpack. A total of 77 storage and 30 flexible attachment possibilities ensure maximum freedom for individual content. Convenient loops allow the backpack to be individually expanded and supplemented with the universal Molle system. A large variety of Molle accessories can be purchased online according to your own preferences.

Robust, stable and durable

Thanks to its sturdy bottom shell, the backpack stands securely and stably when closed or opened, even on rough or sloping ground. It also protects the interior from dirt or humidity. The surface material is made of sturdy, resilient and splash water proof material 1680D. The durable YKK zippers open and close smoothly.

Ergonomic comfortable tool transport

Adjustable to any body size and breathable shoulder and chest straps ensure good weight distribution and ergonomically beneficial saving of effort. In combination with the well ventilated carrying elements and back padding, this results in a comfortable wearing sensation. Lifting the backpack at its study anti-slip handle is also convenient thanks to the hard and soft components. Whether by land, sea or air – this Wiha innovation is an overall concept that will facilitate work assignments of professionals in the future and help them to literally "shoulder" the various challenges of their work day in a more comfortable and convenient way.


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