Showtime: The Wiha stars for all cases

Wiha is presenting its wide range of tool systems, tool ranges and transport solutions under the theme of Showtime. The stage belongs to the so-called Five Star Systems – 16 selected sets or systems that assist users in different ways in their daily work. They include a number of innovations in the area of mechanical tools along with tried and tested and recent solutions in the electric and e-mobility sector. Users from various sectors can conveniently choose customized solutions from the Five Star Systems for their application and focal areas.

Wide range of solutions for various needs

In addition to smaller sets and multifunctional bags, Wiha's product range includes new tool backpack sets, tool case sets in L to XXL formats, and comprehensive workshop trolleys for the e-mobility automotive sector. The contents and functions of each system are always consistently based on the special needs of the different target groups. “This bandwidth will allow users to select the appropriate range of tools suitable for the task at hand,” confirms Sven Wilde, Wiha's head of marketing, adding: "The contents are based on the feedback from our customer surveys. The 16 stars for all cases are our response to the many different descriptions of situation-based challenges, needs and wishes.”

Investments in tool ranges offer many different advantages

Whether in the workshop, at construction sites or during service calls – often the available equipment determines how efficiently, with what quality and how safely the work is carried out. However, finding the best suited assembly of tools for individual application purposes is often quite difficult given the wide range of offers at tool retailers. This is where Wiha comes to play, as Sven Wilde emphasizes: "We take over this step from our users. We put together the optimal assembly of necessary tools for specific work situations. Then we pack it all into transport or storage solutions that themselves offer additional advantages, e.g. comfortable rolling or carrying as well as other convenient features that offer intelligent solutions to tricky situations on location. Systems that can be combined or even extended additionally save space, effort and time.”

Whether short service calls, longer construction site projects, or simply plenty of fastening tasks, all benefit from various tool ranges

When it comes to service calls, usually a basic set of sector-specific tools is enough – whether mechanical tools or insulated tools for electricians. Such projects often involve plenty of footwork, and sometimes even the work location is perhaps on the third floor. In such cases, the new tool backpack sets L – as a mechanic or electric version offer a sophisticated selection of tools and convenient carrying option. Thickly padded carrying straps, a hook for hanging up, various compartments for organized storage and a robust design are just some of the features of the backpacks themselves. For those who prefer the classical case system, the tool case sets XL and the basic variation L offer suitable alternatives.

As opposed to this, larger construction site projects require comprehensive workshop tool equipment to be ready for all eventualities. This is where the 100-part tool case set XXL III electric with giant wheels is the correct choice. Extensive professional equipment allows maximum flexibility. The case itself can be used as a mobile step, as well as a work bench with integrated sawing option or a seat. Additional storage space provides room for even more equipment, accessories or materials.

When there are many and extensive fastening tasks the e-screwdriver sets speedE® Industrial or speedE® II electric offer the greatest relief. They offer users electrical fastening support for otherwise time and effort consuming fastening tasks. First the screws are turned in automatically and quickly, then the material protection stop sets in. This allows users to gently fix the screws in place themselves. The combination with torque adapters or a great variety of slimBits offer the greatest possible flexibility.

In the mechanic sector, a 60-piece nut driver and bit set in a convenient L-Boxx as well as a 40-piece set including a functional bag and belt clip are part of the Five Star Systems product range. With their variety of different profiles and application areas, finely toothed ratchet wrenches, as well as robust and convenient transport solutions, they offer increased flexibility and efficiency when working on the go.

Optimally equipped workshop in one go

The e-mobility sector poses new challenges for car workshops. The correct use of special and insulated tools is vitally important for the maintenance and repairs of e-cars. Equipping the workshop with suitable professional and safety tools can now be done easily and simply. For this purpose, Wiha offers the e-Mobility tool case set as well as the fully loaded e-Mobility workshop trolley. These sets offer a comprehensive assembly of all necessary tools required for the maintenance of e-cars.

Users can find out about the advantages of all the other "stars and starlets" on the Showtime landing page, among other sources. The comprehensive range of products from the hand tool manufacturer Wiha has been available for sale from specialist retailers since 1.3.2021. For more information visit

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