Wiha the hand tool manufacturer is now launching its new speedE® II electric e-screwdriver. Faster, stronger and more versatile in design, the new generation of the electric screwdriver now promises even more application advantages. The Wiha speedE® II has two material protection levels of 0.4 Nm and 1 Nm, which open up a new range of applications. With its voltage-proof slimBit interchangeable system (up to 1,000 V AC), this 'Made in Germany' innovation offers users maximum safety, flexibility and freedom of choice in everyday professional life.
On 1 March, Wiha will not only be presenting its latest hand tool inventions and developments but also its expanded assortment and accessory concepts. Modular display and wall solutions with the very latest design and functional features are also part of the 2020 programme.
No more surprises after calibration – a decisive advantage for professionals who regularly work with Wiha torque screwdrivers and use the Wiha Torque QuickCheck, the German Design Award Winner 2020. The German Design Award is one of the world's most respected design competitions and imposes exacting standards when it comes to selecting its award winners. This year's winner from Wiha outperformed the competition due to its design quality and was selected as the winner in its Excellent Product Design - Workshop and Tools category during a jury session lasting two days.
Hand tool manufacturer Wiha will be showcasing multiple new products on the six days of the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt between 8 and 13 March. The main focus will be on unique, user-oriented hand tool solutions, ranges and concepts for the electrician's trade. Wiha will reveal a significant increase in efficiency and more comfort in everyday professional life wherever its innovations are used. They will also protect health and ensure maximum safety. Guaranteed.
Hand tool manufacturer Wiha will be presenting its new 2020 products and modular display solutions on the four show days in Cologne between 1 and 4 March. The main focus will be on unique, user-oriented solutions for fastening tools and concepts. The Black Forest company promises integral packages in a presentation, communication and packaging mix, optimised for retail sales to help advance market launches and boost turnover. New types of modular retail displays also form part of the manufacturer's range and trade fair appearance.
Accessory materials such as wire-end sleeves and connectors are now offered in top quality and with a functional packaging concept for their selection, storage and presentation in Wiha retail stores. The extension to the product assortment for the electrician’s trade is the manufacturer's next step in offering its electricians target group a well-rounded product selection tailored to their needs. The Wiha concept has several advantages for retailers and users, because small parts used in large quantities are now handled in a much more convenient, user-friendly way, as opposed to the typically time-consuming, confusing, unstructured approach used previously.
Hand tool manufacturer Wiha’s new website, which went online in spring 2019, focuses sharply on its visitors’ and target groups’ needs. It does this in such a unique way that it has been honoured with the coveted Shop Usability Award®.
Schonach, November 2019. The jury for Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2019 is impressed. The international experts presented the Wiha brand with the Red Dot: Best of the Best award, placing it among the frontrunners in the competition. The experts assessed, discussed and evaluated many thousands of brands over a number of days. Wiha impressed the experienced jurors with its creative capacity and superior design standards. Two company representatives accepted the trophy during the Red Dot gala in the Konzerthaus Berlin.
Introduced in 2019, the Wiha slimBit boxes in a belt holster impressed the high-ranking jury for the international design competition which the Design Center Baden-Württemberg holds every year. The award for the Focus Open 2019 Silver went to hand tool manufacturer Wiha’s new product, which impressed with its functional design. On announcing their decision, the jury highlighted in particular, the high-quality workmanship in slimBit boxes and their practical utility value thanks to the combination of functions which make them easy to transport and use.
Users in trade and industry are getting reinforcement: another design for the first e-screwdriver speedE® driven by hybrid technology from Wiha. This tool has been created for the typical fields of activity for industrial applications. The new speedE® Industrial with compact set contents is now compatible with all standard bits. It can be used for all tasks where screws can be fastened with conventional screwdrivers, making things far easier for users: areas of use include machining, industrial maintenance and assembly, motorised equipment maintenance and repair, work on white goods, heating, air-conditioning and plumbing installations, and bicycle and motorcycle repairs. In principle, the speedE® Industrial can be used on all threaded screw joints.
Black Forest-based Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH has made it among the best in the 26th edition of the TOP 100 innovation competition. The company received its award from the competition mentor, Ranga Yogeshwar, Scientific Director of the comparison, Professor Nikolaus Franke, and compamedia at Frankfurt’s Jahrhunderthalle congress hall on 28 June. TOP 100 uses a scientific approach to evaluate innovation management in medium-sized companies and consequential innovation successes. Wiha particularly impressed with its innovation climate during the independent selection process. It is now the second time that the company has made it among the innovation elite.
Hand tool manufacturer Wiha’s brand quality has managed to impress the German Brand Awards 2019 jury in two categories. The long-established company carried off the Winner award in the Excellent Brands – Gardening & Tools category and a Special Mention in the Excellent Brands – Corporate Brand of the Year category. The jury closely scrutinised aspects such as brand history, brand management, salience, positioning, values, brand presence design quality, degree of innovation and strength of differentiation.
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