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Crimping pliers Classic


Crimping pliers Classic


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  • 30066
DIN ISO 5743.
Head shape
Fixed profile grooves for the relevant conductor cross-sections.
Trapezoidal or semi-circular profiles for a secure connection between end sleeve and conductor.
Sleeve and conductor inserted from the side.
High-quality tool steel, tempered.
For crimping end sleeves acc. to DIN 46228 parts 1 + 4.
Order-No. EAN Zangenlänge mm Zangenlänge Zoll max. Querschnittsflaeche Weight Gross / Net
Series Z 60 0 01
Size specifications are always given in mm
30066 4010995300661 180 7 " 0,25-16 ² 261 €36.44 / €30.62
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