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3in1 Home Tool Set

3in1 Home Tool Set
3in1 Home Tool Set
3in1 Home Tool Set

3in1 Home Tool Set

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The Wiha zai Hause brand offers high-quality and special products for DIY and “do-it-yourself”. The brand stands for Wiha quality for the home and is characterized by innovation, aesthetics and comprehensibility.
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Product description
The 3in1 handyman set includes three Wiha zai Hause products; the 4V cordless screwdriver, the hot glue gun and the 40in1 micro bit set. Thus, they always have the right tool for your DIY activity ready. Everything in the usual Wiha quality.
Micro bit set: The electrostatic dissipative ESD handle protects against discharge and offers maximum safety for your electrical equipment. The ergonomic handle and the quick-turn zone enable precise work even on sensitive parts.
Cordless screwdriver: Plastic housing: PC + ABS Bits: S2, zinc phosphate surface, hardness: 60HRC Cordless hot glue gun: Housing: PC + ABS Micro bit set: Bits: Cr-V steel, hardened throughout. Bit holder: hard zone made of PA, soft zone made of TPE Storage box: PC + ABS
Cordless screwdriver: assembling furniture, hanging pictures or other do-it-yourself work Hot glue gun: gluing, tinkering, sealing and decorating work Micro bit set: smartphone repair, changing hard drives, model making or tightening screws
Cordless screwdriver: -Integrated high-performance battery: 18650 lithium-ion battery 2.0 Ah. -Nominal voltage: 4.0 V. -Charge time: 2h (1 A) / 1h (2 A). -Charge environment temperature: 0 - 40°C. -Torque: 1.0 Nm / 3.0 Nm / 5.0 Nm. -Idle speed: 200 /min. -Magnetic bit holder for conventional standard bits. -Gear type: 1-speed. -GS tested. Cordless hot glue gun: -Integrated high-performance battery: 1x 21700 lithium-ion battery 4 Ah. -Nominal voltage: 4.0 V. -Charge time: 2 (2 A) 4 (1A). -Charge environment temperature: 0 - 40°C. -Operation: wireless. -Heating time: 15 seconds. -Max. heating temperature: 160°C. -Max. continuous working time: one hour. -Size of glue stick: Ø 7 mm. -Automatic power off after 4 minutes. -GS tested. Micro-bit set: -40 micro bits with 4 mm hexagonal socket | length 28 mm: - Wiha ESD handle
Bit chuck
A magnetic bit holder is included with the micro bit set and battery screws.
Cordless screwdriver: 1x standard bits C6,3 | length 25 mm cross recess Pozidriv: PZ1 1x standard bits C6,3 | length 25 mm cross recess Pozidriv: PZ2 1x standard bits C6,3 | length 25 mm cross recess Pozidriv: PZ3 1x standard bits C6,3 | length 25 mm slot: 5,5 Micro bit set: 1 x Wiha ESD screwdriver 5 x Phillips: PH000/ PH00/ PH0/ PH1/ PH2 4 x slotted: 1/ 1,5/ 2/ 3 4 x hex: 1.5/ 2/ 2.5/ 3 4 x TORX®: T2/ T3/ T4/ T5 6 x TORX® with hole: TR6/ TR7/ TR8/ TR9/ TR10/ TR15 4 x Pentalob (5-star profile): P2/ P3/ P4/ P5 2 x Socket wrenches (nuts): 2/ 2,5 2 x square: 1/ 2 4 x Y-type (tri-point): Y000/ Y00/ Y0/ Y1 2 x triangle: 2/ 2,6 1 x tensioner: U2,6 1 x SIM card ejector 1 x PH with pin (IPhone standoff)
Available downloads:
  • 1x 4 V cordless hot glue gun
  • 1x 4 V cordless screwdriver
  • 1x 40in1 micro bit set
  • 1x USB charging cable type C 30 cm
  • 6x Adhesive stick with a diameter of 7 mm colored (yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, pink)
  • 1x Transparent glue stick with a diameter of 7 mm
  • 2x Holder for hot glue gun
  • 4x 25 mm standard bits (PH1, PH2, PH3, SL5.5; in the handle)
  • 4x 50 mm Professional Bits (PZ2, H3, H4, H5)
  • 1x 50 mm bit holder
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