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Phillips PZ_PlusMinus Slotted
590T101_speedE_set1_oText E-screwdriver, set 1, speedE®
Slotted, Phillips, PlusMinus/Pozidriv, 10 pcs in L Boxx Mini with slimBits,...
IMG_WihaLight_01 Flashlight with LED, laser and UV light
in blister pack, including 3 AAA batteries
Phillips PZ PZ_PlusMinus Slotted
590T102_speedE_set2_oText E-screwdriver, set 2, speedE®
Mixed 13 pcs in L Boxx Mini with slimBits, easyTorque adapter, batteries and...
Hexagon Phillips PZ PZ_PlusMinus Slotted Torx
590T103_speedE_set3_oText E-screwdriver, set 3, speedE®
Mixed 25 pcs in L Boxx Mini with slimBits, easyTorque adapters, batteries and...
590_T601_speedE_Industrial_Set_KatA speedE® Industrial e-screwdriver set
TORX®, 5-pcs. with bit, battery and USB charger