Membership conditions for myWiha


1. Responsibility

The company responsible for the myWiha portal is:

Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH

Obertalstrasse 3-7

78136 Schonach

(hereinafter referred to as myWiha)


2. Eligibility

Only natural persons over 18 years of age are eligible to join. 


3. Registration

3.1. The myWiha portal is free to join. You can register for myWiha at

3.2 You need to enter your first name, surname, email address and country to register for the myWiha portal. It is also possible to give voluntary information about yourself (end customer or retailer) or your sector. You can also use the product serial number to register on purchasing a Wiha Case XXL2 or a speedE® e-screwdriver.

3.3. If you are eligible to join (see 2), your myWiha membership will start as soon as you have completed registration.


4. myWiha added values

4.1. As a myWiha member, you will benefit from many added values. Some of these are country-wide added values, which are available to all myWiha members. Some added values only apply to myWiha members who have registered with a product serial number (see 3.2). myWiha reserves the right to change, extend or restrict the characteristics of added values. You will find an up-to-date list of all added values at

4.2 The myWiha added value programme valid at the time of your registration applies.

4.3 You will be notified if the myWiha added value programme is modified, extended or restricted. 

4.4 Non-monetary bonuses or prizes cannot be exchanged for other products or money. Possible rights to make warranty claims for non-monetary bonuses or prizes exist within the limits of statutory regulations. Payment in cash in place of "added value" services is excluded. You will find the specific process for campaigns within the myWiha added value programme, any participation periods, campaign benefits and specific participation actions in the relevant description of the campaign. 

4.5 You give your consent for us to notify you as a myWiha member of upcoming campaigns, competitions, product tests, special offers or similar within the myWiha added value programme. 

5. Cancellation

You may cancel your membership of the myWiha portal at any time by notifying us in written form, such as an email. There is no period of notice. myWiha may cancel your membership without indicating a reason by giving notice four weeks before cancellation. However, the right of the parties to termination without notice for good reason remains unaffected regardless.


6. Change to the membership conditions

We reserve the right to change these membership conditions. You will be informed of any changes and their consequences by email at least 30 days before they come into effect. If you do not object to the change before this time period expires, it applies from the point in time indicated. If you do not accept these new membership conditions, you can object to the change in written form, such as an email, or cancel your membership. If you object to the change, the existing conditions continue to apply for you. We reserve the right to cancel your myWiha membership in due form in such a case.


Version 2.0; date: 03.07.2018

Note: The Wiha Customer Club has been renamed myWiha. The two names should regarded as synonymous and mean the same. Only the name myWiha will be used from now on.