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9872_Flaschenoeffner SoftFinish® bottle opener
Perfect for workshop and kitchen.
€4.97 *
99999629_Regenschirm_KatA Umbrella
Don't stand out in the rain.
€19.98 *
Notizbuch Wiha A5 notebook
High-grade Lanybook in a unique design with a soft-touch cover.
€14.97 *
Tasse Wiha coffee mug
MAHLWERK porcelain mug – fully carbon-neutral manufacture.
€18.94 *
Buff_Muetze Wiha Buff
Black microfibre headwear – Buff brand in two-layer style.
€19.98 *
Schildkroete_Kinderspielzeug Wiha tortoise
Fluffy cuddly toy to snuggle.
€7.95 *