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Pliers set Classic with MagicTips®

Circlip pliers 4-pcs. For those situations where a good grip is essential.

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Tutorial: Wiha Circlip pliers Classic with MagicTips®

Product highlights

Lowers your costs
Prevents damage caused by lost circlips in the work area.
Saves time
Safe and sturdy grip on circlips.

Further information

Careful installation is essential for circlips to ensure that they are fitted securely and damage due to lost rings is avoided in the work environment. Circlip pliers with MagicTips® are the right choice to ensure this is the case. A special snap-in function ensures that they take a firm hold of circlips, making it possible to fit rings easily without slipping. The precision tips used provide greater stability and a long service life. The set includes four pairs of pliers for fitting and removing for inner and outer rings. This allows circlips to be fitted and dismounted correctly in holes and on shafts and axles.
For attaching and removing circlips in holes as well as on shafts and axles.

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