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Phillips Slotted
IMG_9300_018 Tool set electrician
Screwdriver, diagonal cutters, 6-pcs. in tool pouch
€75.87 *
IMG_9300-704_CompetenceXXL-II_persp_Produkt_KatA Competence XXL II electrician's tool set
assorted in case 115-pcs.
€2,136.05 *
IMG_9300_702 Tool set electrician Competence XL
assorted 80-pcs. in case
€1,170.13 *
7209_N_K2002_Werkzeug_Set_slimVario_01_KatB Tool set slimVario® electric
mixed, 31-pcs. in functional bag
€351.05 *
7209_N_K2001_Werkzeug_Set_isoliert_1-4_Zoll_Nuss_KatC Insulated nut driver insert
1/4" hexagon head
From €16.66 *
7209_N_K2003_slimTorque_1Viertel_Zoll_Set_KatB TorqueVario®-S electric nut driver insert 1/4" set
Mixed, 10-pcs., with adapters in folding bag
€189.21 *
PZ Slotted
9300_025 Tool set electrician
Mixed, 12-pcs. in tool pouch
€287.24 *
Hexagon Phillips PZ Slotted
IMG_9300_030 Tool set service technician
Mixed, 29-pcs. in shoulder bag
€572.29 *
Phillips PZ PZ_PlusMinus Slotted
9300_031 Tool set electrician
Screwdriver, heavy-duty diagonal cutters, 7-pcs. in tool pouch
€110.49 *
Phillips PZ Slotted Torx
IMG_9300_035 Tool set electrician
Mixed, 31-pcs. in tool pouch
€273.11 *
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