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Shear for electricians

with crimp function in blister pack Universal shears for electricians.

Tutorial: Wiha electrician's shear with crimp function

Product highlights

Simplifies your work
Large blade notch and micro-toothed cutting edge prevent the cable from slipping out of the shears.
Increases your efficiency
Shear for electricians with stripping, skinning, crimping & cutting-to-length functions in a single tool.
Facilitates handling
The combination between a sturdy blade and an ergonomic handle with extra large handle holes enable users to make a flawless cut into cables up to 50 mm².
Increases your safety
Protective cover with retaining clip for safe carrying.

Further information

These electrical shears are the ideal companion for electricians out on jobs. The shears offer all-purpose use with their four functions: stripping, skinning, crimping and cutting to length. Cables can be effortlessly cut to length thanks to the large blade notch and micro-toothed cutting edge preventing the cable from slipping out of the shears. The shears can also be used to strip and skin cables. The notch behind the shear pivot makes it easy to crimp wire-end sleeves between 1 and 5 mm². The shears can be conveniently attached to a belt, ready for use, when out on jobs thanks to the practical protective cover with retaining clip.
For stripping, skinning, crimping and cutting cables to length.
Delivery includes a protective cover with retaining clip

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