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Flashlight with LED, laser and UV light Flashlight with LED, laser and UV light
in blister pack, including 3 AAA batteries
€70.84 *
SB846300E_Elektriker-Hammer Electrician's hammer
with 300 g hammer head, in blister pack
€40.22 *
IMG_SB369E9F_frontal L-key set in ErgoStar holder
hexagonal ball end, 9-pcs. in fluorescent colour
€62.33 *
Phillips Slotted
IMG_9300_020 Tool set mechanic
Screwdriver, diagonal cutters, 6-pcs. in tool pouch
€69.17 *
Phillips PZ Slotted Torx
9300_026 Tool set mechanic
Mixed, 31-pcs. in tool pouch
€291.60 *
Phillips Slotted
260_P_K6_PicoFinish_Set_KatC Fine screwdriver set PicoFinish®
Slotted, Phillips, 6 pcs. with holder
€45.67 *
Hexagon Phillips PZ Slotted Torx
IMG_7928_913 Bit set Collector Standard 25 mm
Mixed, 32-pcs. in box, 1/4"
€74.64 *
Hexagon Phillips PZ Torx
7948_043 Bit set XLSelector Standard 25 mm
assorted with bit ratchet form C 6.3 (1/4"), 17-pcs.
€70.84 *
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