Wiha tool case XXL 4 with new contents for professional electricians

The light-footed giant among Wiha tool cases. With its XXL size, the trolley case by the hand tool manufacturer Wiha is distinguished by a variety of functions and special features that turn it into much more than a mere means of transportation. The traditional German manufacturer now presents the XXL 4, containing a new and adjusted set of tools.

With its bespoke, overall reduced contents, the XXL 4 includes a selection of tools that goes far beyond the basic assortment of electrician's tools. From a voltage-protected screwdriver set and Multitool screwdriver set, via an electrician's spirit level, bits, L-keys and innovative pliers solutions, to an electrician's hammer or skinning tool: professionals are excellently prepared for a large range of work tasks with the tool range of the XXL 4, which at the same time gives them more storage space for individual additions according to their own needs or work focus.

The sturdy trolley case itself serves as an all-round helper. Whether stairs leading to upper floors, rubble or gravel obstructing the path to your destination, or cables and pipes lying around hampering your movement: Thanks to its extendable telescopic handle and the special design of its XXL wheels, the trolley case can be conveniently and smoothly pulled wherever you need it and its tools to be. If there is work to be performed on elevated locations or ceilings, the XXL 4 with its foldable and stable legs can be used as a mobile stepping stool. The slide-out step makes it easy and safe to climb onto it. Two integrated grooves in the lid of the case help with small cutting tasks, such as trimming cable channels, pipes, or rods. The material is placed in the grooves and can be measured with the help of the integrated rulers. Shock absorbers prevent the unwanted closing of the case lid and reduce the danger of smashed fingers.

Sven Wilde, Marketing manager at Wiha explained: “Thanks to our in-depth interaction with users and our analyses locally at construction sites, we have collected much empirical value and feedback information in recent years. This included the handling of the trolley case itself as well as the selection of tools. Based on these results we decided to reconfigure the content of the case in favour of more customisable options and storage space. This way, the users themselves can use the still extensive electrician's tool assortment as a basis to configure their own selection of tools that reflects the many different particularities and areas of expertise in the electrician trade.”