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Z_57_0_001_06_SB_AutomAbisolierzange_WEZAG_Ersatzklingen_offen Stripping tool automatic
up to 16 mm² in blister pack
€156.58 *
Z_49_7_180_03_Electronic_Abisolierzange Stripping pliers Electronic
Stripping points 0.4-1.3 mm
From €26.64 *
IMG_246_22_02 Stripping tool
with self-rotating trailing blade
From €20.73 *
IMG_246_75_SB Stripping tool automatic
up to 6 mm² in blister pack
€41.89 *
Z_57_0_001_06_K_Ersatzmesser_Abisolierzange Spare blade and gripping jaw set
for automatic stripping tool
€38.68 *
246_78_SB_Abmantelungsmesser_mKappe_KatB Cable stripping knife
hooked blade with sliding shoe for round cable, in blister pack
€38.56 *
IMG_246_76_SB Stripping tool
for coaxial cable, in blister pack
€25.16 *
IMG_246_77_SB Stripping tool
for round cable, in blister pack
€25.67 *
246_80_SB_Abmantelungsmesser_mKappe_KatB Cable stripping knife
straight cutting edge for round cables in blister pack
€17.26 *
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